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SEO Best Practices

The folks at SEOmoz have been conducting a demanding study of SEO rankings factors, and recently came up with some interesting conclusions. Here are a few that struck us.

  • Heading tags aren’t as important as they used to be. They’re still worthwhile doing, but they’re not as helpful for rankings as they once were.
  • They confirmed the value of placing your most important keywords at the beginning of your title tag.
  • Google has changed their policy such that using the “nofollow” tag to sculpt your PageRank, or concentrate it on your optimized pages is no longer advised.
  • Image alt tags are more important than previously thought for rankings.
  • The keywords meta tag seems to be used by Yahoo, but not by Google and Bing. With Bing about to provide organic results for Yahoo next year, the continued usefulness of this tag is doubtful.
  • There is some indication that manipulative links in footers may have automated penalties applied to them in Google. This warrants further testing, but might change how many web sites employ such links. For now, SEOmoz recommends no more than 25 such links in page footers as a rule of thumb.
  • Using Javascript or Flash for navigational links is a bad idea, and leads to lower search engine rankings.
  • Traffic  – the number of visitors that come to your site  – is not a factor in search rankings.

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