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SEO Produces Higher Conversion Rates

MarketingSherpa did a study of conversion rates. Conversion Rate is the proportion of web sites visitors who order a product on an e-commerce site or complete some other desired action on other sites, such as filling out an inquiry form. Comparing organic search (SEO campaigns) against paid search (PPC campaigns), they found the following:

  • SEO had higher overall conversion rates than paid search (4.2% versus 3.6%)
  • For e-commerce purchase campaigns, SEO had higher conversion rates (4.1%) than paid search (3.8%)
  • Looking at delayed e-commerce/service purchase campaigns, SEO also had higher conversion rates (6.3%) than PPC (4.2%)

In a related study by WebSideStory covering the October-December holiday buying season in 2005, the overall search engine conversion rate for business to consumer (B2C) web sites was 2.3%. That was more than twice the conversion rates of banner ads, affiliate marketing links, shopping search engines and other referring links (0.96%).

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