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SEO Tip: Keywords in Alt Tags

The “alt tag” is really a misnomer — technically it’s the alt attribute — some code attached to a graphic on a web page. It was originally designed for people with slow dial-up Internet connections who turned off downloading pictures because it slowed them down so much.  It’s a place to provide a short description of the graphic for those who can’t see it. Usually, alt text will pop up in a small text box if you hover your mouse over a graphic with alt text attached to it.

Example of alt text applied to an image.It’s a good idea to have a short, descriptive alt tag on all the images on your site. If you can incorporate your keywords within the alt tags on your images, that should help your relevancy ratings in the search engines. But try to keep them descriptive of the graphic they’re attached to; don’t just throw in a string of keywords.

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