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Should You Hire A Search Engine Consultant?

Should you keep SEO in-house or outsource it to a consultant? Gord Hotchkiss, CEO and president of Enquiro, a search marketing agency, and the chairman of SEMPO, a nonprofit organization serving the search-engine marketing industry, says the answer is somewhere in between. In an article in Forbes Magazine’s web site, he advises against any small business owner relinquishing control of their web site. But he points out that SEO consultants bring solid value to the small business owner, and a partnership is the best approach.

That partnership approach is at the heart of how Rank Magic does business. We don’t “take over” a client’s web site. Instead, we provide recommendations and instructions to be implemented by the small business owner and his or her web designer. That way, there’s no relinquishing of control while we add our value to the process. <Read the full article>

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