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Social Media for Business

A lot of businesses that have been badly hurt by The Great Recession have turned to social media and found it to be a helpful marketing tool to identify and attract new customers, build brand awareness, and stay engaged with customers.

There are, though, some businesses that don’t see the value in social networking. A recent  report found the following:

  • 50 percent of small business social media users believe it takes more time than they expected (no surprise there)
  • 17 percent are convinced that social media gives people a chance to criticize a business online (we have had two clients run into this problem within the past year)
  • 6 percent say social media has hurt their business more than it has helped it (a small minority)

Nevertheless, the study reports that investments made in social media rank third in the online marketing investments small businesses will make over the next couple of years.

SmallBusinessNewz offers a video where social media veteran Chris Brogan maintains that now is a good time to get involved with social media.

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