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Sponsored Search Results Lead to Malware

Windows Secrets recently reported that the ads served by Bing and Google along with your search results are linking more and more often to sites trying to infect your machine. For example, if you recently have used either Google or Microsoft’s new Bing search engine to find the popular Malwarebytes Anti-Malware utility, chances are good that the sponsored ads alongside your search results contained links to the very malware that the security tool is designed to remove.

Malware ads on Bing

Such “malvertisements” are showing up as paid ads on non-search engine web sites, too.

The article from Windows Secrets offers some suggestions on how to avoid such sites, and how to report them if you get stung. But, sadly, their recommendations are neither foolproof nor convenient.

As for your own searches, It’s best to be somewhat wary of sponsored links until the search engines address the problem.

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