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Start a Facebook Fan Page

Don’tFacebook stop after optimizing your web site. A Facebook Fan Page for your business makes an excellent side kick for your website. While your website is the premier place for prospects to learn about your business, your Facebook page can be a dynamic vehicle to keep them informed and engaged.

There are poor fan pages and fantastic ones. Learn how to leverage the power of this tool to turn a satisfied customer into a raving fan.

Close to Rank Magic’s office in East Hanover, NJ, Home & Office Computer Training offers a productive and fun 3 hour course we can recommend. You can take this course during a slightly extended lunch break in a small group setting. Bring your laptop and lunch while you learn. For those who aren’t local they offer the same course over the web using GoToMeeting.

While we don’t use all the potential of a Facebook Fan Page, we do encourage you to check ours out and sign up as a fan. We hope you’ll also “like” it (that’s a Facebook term that involves clicking on the “Like” button).

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