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Stupid SEO Myths Persist

Jill Whalen of High Rankings® is an internationally recognized search engine optimization consultant and host of the free weekly High Rankings® Advisor search engine marketing newsletter.

In her recent newsletter, she went on a bit of a rant over the nonsense people are hearing about SEO. She called it Spreading Silly SEO Stupidity. Here are a few of the stupid (and untrue) things people are spreading about Search Engine Optimization:

  • Google only indexes the first 100 words on a page.
  • The only way to rank is by using Google AdWords.
  • Putting keywords in meta tags helps your rankings.
  • If you click on your own Google listing, you’ll get a higher ranking.
  • You need to update your blogs at least daily.
  • SEO isn’t worth the bother anymore. (from a guy selling ads on the AT&T ad network)
  • Some company can get you 2,000 backlinks for $49 a month.
  • Reciprocal links will hurt your rankings.
  • And the best of the bunch was a seminar where the speaker told attendees they should submit their websites to search engines on a monthly basis. He then proceeded to provide them with the name of a tool that would do that for only $99 per month. (Tip: It’s not worth a dime.)

Jill went on to postulate why these stupidities seem to persist in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Here’s her list of reason, but you should read her article for the explanation of each. It’s worth the read, if only to picture Jill getting all red in the face with exasperation over the people who propagate these myths.

  • It’s easy to implement. (So what if it doesn’t work — it’s easy.)
  • Old articles get recirculated.
  • Designers and developers know just enough SEO to be dangerous.
  • Forum newbies parrot whatever they’re heard..
  • Believing what you read or hear instead of figuring it out for yourself.
  • Mixing up cause and effect.
  • They’re set in their ways.
  1. Hi Jill,
    This is a fascinating read about the garbage people spread about internet marketing SEO. My other pet hate is “how I made $3,000 in a month…” rant!


  2. So many People even nowadays still think those myths are real so damn true

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