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The Mythical Google Sandbox And How To Escape It

Google SandboxA recent article on explains what the author (Bill Platt) thinks the Google Sandbox phenomenon is and how to hasten your web site’s emergence from it. He believes it’s all about link popularity and PageRank. If you can get a new web site’s PageRank into a competitive range quickly enough, you’ll show up just fine in Google’s listings, no matter how new your domain is.

He subjects himself to a testable challenge and sort of proves his point. If the Google Sandbox is a myth, it’s a very persistent one. Just do a search on our blog to see a number of other posts on the subject. Persistent as it is, we have seen some clients’ web sites defy conventional wisdom and appear in Google’s results more quickly than expected.

  1. I hate the sandbox. My site is 13 months, still in. Well optimized with 5% keyword density. Over 50,000 backlinks with some pr 8,9, etc. .Edu backlinks, the whole deal. My number 1 competitor has only 6,000 backlinks and 4% keyword density. My meta tags are good, everything indicates it should be number one. However, my competitor’s site is 10+ years old, mine 13 months. Sandbox is unfair, i hate it. I may change my mind when my site is 10+ years old, but for now I hate it.

  2. Are you not showing up at all for your chosen keywords?

    Did you check out the article we linked to at Did it help?

    Are many of your links purchased links? 50,000 links is just about an impossible number for shuch a young web site, unhless you’ve bought them. If you did, and if Google can tell, they won’t count for you.

    Are you linking to any bad neighborhoods? Have you violated any of Google’s rules? Have you otherwise incurred the wrath of Google? How’s your PageRank?

    There’s gotta be a reason you’re not showing up.

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