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The Power of Facebook Like Buttons

  • Levi’s saw a 40 times increase in referral traffic from Facebook after implementing the Like button in April 2010 and has maintained those levels since.
  • Outdoor sporting goods retailer saw a 100% increase revenue from Facebook within two weeks of adding the Like button.
  • American Eagle added the Like button next to every product on their site and found Facebook referred visitors spent an average of 57% more money than non-Facebook referred visitors

Facebook Like ButtonThese stories are chronicled in an article at Search Engine Land that also suggests that if you have a Facebook Like button on your site or your blog, it will get three to five times more clicks if:

  • Versions that show thumbnails of friends are used.
  • They allow people to add comments.
  • If they appear at both the top and bottom of articles.
  • If they appear near visual content like videos or graphics.

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  2. I don’t think that they are power in facebook like buttons !

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