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Top 10 Dumbest Web Site Decisions

Kalena Jordan, a well known Australian SEO expert, wrote a sometimes-amusing article for Site Pro News on the dumbest web site decisions she’s seen. Here’s a quick list, but to get the full effect, both the drama and the humor, see her article. This is in reverse order, a la David Letterman:

10. Misspelling a domain – registering when the client wanted
9. Letting the domain name expire – a client of mine did this, and had to spend $2,000 to buy it back!
8. Letting the whole world see your site statistics
7. Publishing sensitive company information – like when AOL published information n thousands of their customers
6. Using an insulting 404 error page. That’s what pops up if someone tries to go to a nonexistent page. You don’t want it to say “404 Error. You’ve obviously typed in the wrong URL. Either that or the page you are looking for no longer exists.” – better is to display a little humility, like we employ here.
5. Taking a site offline for maintenance – if your site is down when the search engines check, your rankings will drop!
4. Registering a Dot Biz domain when a Dot Com was available – or a Dot US or a Dot Net
3. Allowing a customer complaint to remain on your site for months
2. Switching your web site off for a 3-week Christmas vacation – Duh!
1. Promoting a domain name you don’t own – she writes “My Alma Mater, the University of Newcastle, have spent thousands of dollars on television advertising here in Australia, marketing their new site for online post-graduate coursework: GradSchool Dot Com. There’s only one problem. The domain for this site is actually They don’t even own!”

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