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Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Search Engine Rank

Of course there are many more than ten ways to improve your rankings in the search engines. But this list of the top ten is certainly a good start. You can read more about them in the original article on Web Pro News.

  1. Title Tags – This is what appears in your browser title bar and is also the heading of your listing in the search engines. Make sure your important keywords are in here – and that you use unique page titles for each page.
  2. Content – the visual text on your page. Make it real text (not graphical text) and include your keywords and variations of them. But don’t overdo it and make your page sound stupid when someone reads it.
  3. Link Quality – Incoming links from related web sites  with a good reputation are like gold.
  4. Link Quantity – the more the better … to an extent. Don’t add low quality links or links from questionable web sites just to get your numbers up. That will hurt you rather than help.
  5. URL – keywords in your URL are a good idea – I like to see them in page filenames.
  6. Spider Food — search engine spiders eat text, so give them plenty of it. If your text is contained in graphic images or flash movies, it’s indigestible to the spiders, so avoid that if you can.
  7. Site Architecture – Make sure the search engine spiders can get to your important pages easily. A site map is a great way to make that happen, but isn’t always necessary.
  8. Current content – this is often debated, as I know of sites that haven’t had content updated in 7-8 years and still have great rankings. But adding new content give both search engines and visitors a reason to come back to your site often. It can’t hurt.
  9. Blog – This makes current content easy, and may establish your site as an “authority” in the eyes of the search engines. You’re reading a blog right now.
  10. Don’t forget your visitors – Never sacrifice the user experience just to improve your search engine results. What good are great rankings if everyone who comes to your site turns up their nose and leaves to find a better site?

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