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Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Site in Google

Top 10 ways to raise your site in GoogleThere are lots of ways to increase your visibility in Google and the other search engines. Unless you’re in the business of SEO (search engine optimization) it’s easy to get lost in the myriad details and all the nuances.

But optimization isn’t really arcane and mysterious. There are a number of common sense things you can do to improve your rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live, Ask, and so forth. And the discussion of these at Web Pro News is about as good as they get. The list below is just the teaser: go to the article for the full details.

  • Title Tags – Each page needs its own keywords-rich, well-focused Title tag.
  • Content – Good, informative content in text the search engines can read is essential.
  • Quality Links – Links from web sites that the search engines recognize as high quality web sites can do wonders for your rankings.
  • Quantity Links – High quality links are not easy to get, so get started with links from a number of web directories.
  • URL – You don’t need a domain name full of your keywords, but do pay attention to the URLs of your pages so they don’t have too many parameters in them that can confuse the search engines.
  • Spider Food – Search engines understand text. They can’t understand text that’s in pictures or in flash movies, though. They need real text to feed on.
  • Site Architecture – Make sure the spiders can find all the important pages on your web site easily.
  • Updated Content – While a well-optimized site may not need frequent new content to maintain rankings, fresh content does some important things, like adding new pages that can provide more internal links, as well as providing a reason for spiders to return to your site more often.
  • Don’t Forget Humans – Never sacrifice your marketing message just to squeeze in a few more keywords in an effort to get a slightly higher ranking. If you web site doesn’t make sense to people – if it doesn’t make them want to do business with you – then all the rankings and visitors in the world won’t translate to your bottom line.
  • Start a Blog – because a blog automatically brings new content, new pages and new links to your site. It also provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise in your subject matter and gives both spiders and people a good reason to return to your site often. You’re reading just such a blog now.

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