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Top 5 Inadvertent Web Site Mistakes

Don't make these common web site mistakes.Business owners often unwittingly commit one or more of five common web site mistakes that silently cost them tons of money in lost business. Read through this list and make sure you’re not making one of these mistakes.

  1. Writing content that focuses on features instead of benefits. As business owners, we’re intimately close to our features. But the customer wants to know what’s in it for him or her. Those are benefits. Nail those, and you make the sale.
  2. Not making your web site search engine friendly. The most egregious example of this is a snazzy, all-flash website. Beautiful, but totally unfriendly to search engines. With one of those, customers will never find you unless they already know your name. But there are less obvious mistakes of this type that are made al lot, especially with navigation the search engines can’t follow, text inside graphics where search engines can’t read it, and more.
  3. Failing to keep your web site fresh. Fresh content encourages the search engines to visit you more often, and offers new opportunities to use variations on keyword phrases people are searching for. Done right, it can also act as link bait.
  4. Not having a call to action. Ask your visitor to call you, to buy, to request more information. Why do you suppose at McDonalds they always ask “Do you want fries with that?” That simple call to action sells tons of fries every year.
  5. Making it too hard for customers to buy from you. Don’t require a login to shop on your site. You might implement that at checkout, but far to many sites require a visitor to log in before they can ever peruse the merchandise. Bad idea!
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  1. While this sounds like pretty basic marketing there is one area that isn’t marketing…being search engine friendly. That’s where Rank Magic shines!

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