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Two New Programs from Rank Magic

We’re offering two new programs to our clients that I’d like to share with you.  These are most appropriate after your main SEO campaign has concluded.

SEO Monitoring

SEO MonitoringSearch engine rankings, when achieved properly, tend to be relatively stable over time without the need formajor revisions to your optimization. Nevertheless, nothing stays the same forever. Your rankings may fluctuate up and down, or they may even begin a steady decline, depending on a number of factors.

Search engines are always adjusting their ranking algorithms, giving more weight to certain things and less weight to others. Lately, we’re seeing more weight being given to incoming links and the clickable text of those links. Your competitors may be adding links and starting to beat you out in the results. Links on your site may go bad, reducing your TrustRank and negatively affecting your rankings. (I have an article on that subject under consideration at Entrepreneur Magazine’s web site. I’ll report here if and when it’s published.)

You can’t react to changes in your rankings if you’re not aware of  them. And you don’t want to wait until they reveal themselves through fewer clients or customers. That’s why we’re offering an SEO Monitoring package so you’ll always know if anything needs attention. Here’s what’s included:

SEO Monitoring

  1. Monthly Broken Link Report so you’ll know if you’ve got dead links on your site that you need to clean up.
  2. Monthly Link Popularity Report showing how many inbound links are reported for you by five of the largest search engines. This also shows how many links are reported for about a half dozen of your most important competitors.
  3. Quarterly Keyword Status Reports mailed to you on CD because they’re so comprehensive. If you’ve been a client of ours, you’ve probably received a couple and know how thorough and how valuable they are. We typically send you one as soon as you identify your keywords and again after your site’s been optimized. Under the SEO Monitoring Program, you’ll get one quarterly.

SEO maintenanceSEO Maintenance

If it looks like you’re in a competitive enough environment that you need additional link popularity and a higher PageRank in order to maintain or advance your rankings, our SEO Maintenance program takes the SEO Monitoring program one step further by including link building at the rate of an hour a month.

SEO Maintenance

  1. Monthly Broken Link Report
  2. Monthly Link Popularity Report
  3. Quarterly Keyword Status Reports
  4. Monthly Link Building with monthly activity reporting.

If you’re wondering whether one of these programs is appropriate for you, please give us a call.

  1. As of 2011, we have improved our keyword ranking reports by replacing quarterly reports mailed on CD with online reports available anytime and updated monthly. They’re considerably more detailed as well with full trend graphs and comparisons with competitors.

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