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Web Copy: Focus on Benefits, Not Features

It’s an ancient problem. As business owners, we focus on the features we offer our customers: what do we offer them. Years of experience … proprietary techniques … specialized equipment … highly trained staff … industry certifications. That’s understandable: it’s what we have to do and offer to be professional in our business.

The problem is that’s not what our customers are looking for … or care about. They care about benefits. What can we do for them? And what sets us apart from everyone else who shows up in their search engine results?

Benefit, better than featureIf our web site focuses only on the features we offer, it not only will bore our potential customers, but it’s unlikely to get us high search engine rankings. Let’s face it, if you need a brake repair, are you going to search for “ASE certified technician” or “brake job”? The former is a feature, but the later is a benefit.

Noted copywriter Mistina Picciano of Market It Write writes about this problem in a recent blog post. We recommend it.


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