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Web Marketing ROI Study

Marketing Sherpa has issued the results of a new study of Internet marketing. Their Internet Marketing Benchmark Guide is summarized in their online excerpt. Some key findings:

  • “The big marketing debate over SEO has never been whether or not to do it. It’s self-evident that you’d want your site to appear near the top of free rankings for keywords important to your brand. Instead, the debate has always been whether to outsource or handle SEO in-house.”
  • “In short, if you hire an expert for SEO, you tend to get significantly better results.”
  • 28% of large firms were not adequately optimized for keywords central to their business. “The lesson? No matter how famous your brand, you may be able to get better rankings and traffic (not to mention brand perception among prospects) if you test outsourcing SEO to an expert.”
  • Experienced search marketers are focusing doing the best possible job with the most important keywords for their brands – better to do an extremely good job of “optimization with fewer search terms than doing a slightly more slapdash job with more terms.”
  • They asked 3,053 marketers to rank the top two marketing tactics in terms of return on investment (ROI). The results are in the chart above.

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