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Well, here we are, starting a blog. I feel like we’re somehow behind the curve, not having started one sooner. What do we hope to accomplish here? Well, I’ll be posting information about Internet marketing that should be helpful to you, whether you’re a client of ours or not. I hope to provide some interesting links and some general commentary.

I attended the  Search Engine Strategies Conference in NYC last week and picked up some neat new information that I’ll be posting here.

How to tell where your visitors are coming from>

If you’re requesting links and want to be able to tell which people visit your site as a result of those links, simply add a little extra code to your website address in the link. For example, this link: used Cisco switches will go to the Warwick Data Systems home page, but the actual link address is this:
so that when Alex, the owner of Warwick Data Systems checks his web log, he’ll be able to identify how many visitors arrived using that URL. Do the same thing for pay per click (PPC) ads through Google Ads and you can see which individual ads are bringing in the most visitors.

Please come back and visit us frequently for more tips and discussion of topics you can use to grow your business from your web site.


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