Search engine optimization for small and very small businesses.

What’s missing in most marketing plans involving TV commercials? A search component.

Search engine research is now a routine part of everyone’s shopping behavior, a surprising number of advertisers and advertising agencies have failed to consider that in their advertising campaigns.

If you have an effective ad on TV, consumers will go to the search engines in droves to find out more about your product. If you haven’t optimized your web sites for the search terms they come away from your TV ad with, they can’t find you or your product.

AT&T spent millions of dollars to introduce their new mobile product m-life in Super Bowl ads four years ago. Those are about the most expensive ad dollars you can spend. According to researchers, consumers flocked online to find out more about m-life. But since AT&T hadn’t optimized for any search terms related to the ads, and hadn’t provided a memorable web address in their ads, consumers remained clueless about the concept. AT&T was nowhere.

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