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What’s the Story on PageRank?

What's the story on PageRank?Site Pro News has a good article one could call PageRank 101 – a clear explanation of Google’s PageRank score. Many web site owners perseverate on their PageRank and worry if it goes down or fails to go up. This article puts it into perspective for you.  It also has a handy little description of what different PageRank scores might mean.

PageRank 0-2 shows that a site does not have many links and needs work, However, and this a big “however,” it may not really affect your search engine rankings.

PageRank 3 can be OK in some cases but in highly competitive industries you should work to improve it.

PageRank 4 is quite a normal number and indicates that you have enough links in either quantity or quality to make your site competitive.

PageRank 5 indicates that a site has many links or links from authoritative sites, and that Google has good “trust” in the site. It is a respectable and attainable PageRank.

PageRank 6 is very difficult to attain. This rank indicates that the site has many links and links from respected places.

PageRank 7-10 is usually earned by large and established institutions or websites which have tremendous authority, due to the quantity and quality of the incoming links. It is extremely difficult to attain this ranking.

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