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What’s Wrong with Reciprocal Linking?

Reciprocal LinksDonald Nelson writes on Site Pro News: “I dread getting a ‘reciprocal link request’ in my email inbox. I have a few pet peeves with reciprocal linking, as it is practiced today, and here they are: …”

We hate getting those kinds of reciprocal link requests, too. And that’s why we do it differently. Check out Donald’s article as well as his suggestions on what we all should be doing to get good incoming links to our web sites. His list of four things to do to get great incoming links:

  1. Make your site so cool that people will link to you without being asked.
  2. get involved in forums related to your business, and place a link in your signature block.
  3. Write articles about your field of expertise that other web sites can use on their sites … with links back to your site.
  4. Do judicious reciprocal linking. (That’s the only kind of reciprocal linking we do at Rank Magic.)

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