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Why Did My Google Rankings Drop?

Oh, No!!!

When Google rankings dropA sudden drop in Google rankings is terrifying if you rely on traffic from Google to bring in a significant portion of visitors to your site. When it happens, your traffic almost always takes a proportional hit. And that affects your revenue – very negatively.

What’s most terrifying about this is that you almost never know why it happened — and Google isn’t about to tell you. So how do you know what to fix?

As it turns out, Matt Cutts (The Google Guy) has answered that question in a video. He outlines some concrete steps you can follow to figure out what went wrong so you can fix it.

We hope it never happens to you, but if it does we think Matt’s suggestions will help.

If you want competent professional help, call us at Rank Magic.


  1. Really sad to see drop in rankings for my site. It was positioned at 11th position last Thursday, now its on 3rd page for the keyword “SEO SPECIALIST HYDERABAD”.

  2. Valuable information and excellent style you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and also time into your stuff you post!! Thumbs up

    • Google Rankings Drop is a big issue and I see Matt Cutts has tried to answer on that issue. of course, he didn’t suggest any specific issues but it helps my online sports streaming site a lot.

  3. Same problem here 🙁 my blog was on 1st position and suddenly it lost its rank and traffic. I think its because of google dance.

  4. Google algorithm is always changing and it is difficult to predict when and how it will change next.

    It is sad to see your ranking drop suddenly without any warning and especially after many months of hard work.

    Matt Cutts (The Google Guy) video can some how let you understand it further.

    Thanks for sharing here

  5. I experienced the same thing last week… My page rank drop from 1 to 0… it’s very sad. Now I’m trying to get more traffic for my site, so I can go up again.

    • More traffic to your site is unlikely top improve your PageRank. PageRank is Google’s measure of your page authority, based on your link popularity: the number and quality of other websites that link to you. That’s what you should be working on. Traffic is the result of high PageRank and good rankings, not the other way around. Good Luck!

  6. My site was in first page last week, but now I can’t find in top 100.

  7. Agrobisnis – Considering the timing, I would suspect the Google Penguin update. we’ll be blogging about that soon. For now, look it up in Google and see if that’s the reason your rankings dropped.

  8. I understand the Google algorithm is always changing. What can I do if an update happens like the May 2012 update that dropped me from a PR3 to a PR2? It’s killing my total visits. Thanx Jon

    • Hi, Jon. Google is urging us all to pay less attention to PageRank. Since Google calculates PageRank out to about 15 decimal places, the displayed PageRank is a very gross estimate. You may have dropped from a PR 2.51 to PR 2.49 and the displayed PageRank would have dropped from PR3 to PR2. We’re measuring out link popularity with a few other metrics lately. Inbound Links, PageRank, mozRank, and Domain Authority. No one measure tells the whole story.

  9. my site got hacked by hackers who did google redirect. My site was redirect to the hacker site and from ranking 2 in google i drop to 7 now. and now i got to build the site from square one as all my blog platform is corrupted

  10. my google rank drop and from 500 visitors a day i got 10 a day it was a lesson.

  11. My Amiga Games blog was 5th on page one of Google (for the term ‘Amiga Games’) for a long time.

    Now it has dropped to page 14 in the space of a few days. I just don’t get it?

    It took a long time to get it highly placed on page one and then whack – it’s gone again. Incredibly frustrating.

    • Sorry to hear that. Might this be a Penguin slap-down?

  12. The same thing happened to me today…I was doing quite nicely in Google, and all of a sudden my rankings dropped considerably.
    I am fairly new to this, and I tried to follow the rules so to say, therefore it’s very difficult for me to figure out what I did wrong. My content is unique, i didn’t link to shady sites, all the backlinks I got, I made sure to come from quality malware…
    I am just confused. Makes me wonder how can you run a business online if Google is so unreliable?

    • It’s not that65 Google is unreliable, Andrew. Just that when they institute algorithm changes to improve results, sometimes innocent websites get hit, too. I suggest you check out our more recent posts, especially those with a tag of Penguin. That’s Google’s recent algorithm change on April 24, 2012 that may penalize some websites for “over-optimization”. Good luck.

  13. This nightmare scenario happened to me for the first time last week. I knew it was coming – I wasn’t indulging in Black Hat SEO, but I’d read so many scare stories from other innocent bloggers, I knew my turn would come. And come it did, with my keyword rankings going from top ten to somewhere in the top 500!

    Despite reading so many scare stories, though, I’m afraid to say I did indeed panic. Luckily I didn’t hack my site to death, but I was prepared to believe any old nonsense in a vain attempt to get my traffic back.

    • Tell us how your recovery has been,please. What did you do that helped you recover your rankings? Howe long did it take?

  14. same happened with me, all my post lost ranking & gone bellow 100 pages. 🙁

    No way to recover it ?

    • Check out the recovery suggestions in the Matt Cutts video linked to from within this blog post. Good Luck, Bill

  15. This really is such a great resource that you are coming up with and you give it away for free. I love seeing web sites that vision the welfare of supplying a quality reference for no cost. Thanks for this amazing reference!

  16. Ahh my website ranking on improving stage suddenly fall…i figure out one issue my dns error i think so….i am waiting from google to again solve this yet by fetch tool….let see…:-?

  17. My website suddenly drop their posts search ranking in Google very badly. Kindly Provide me a solution how i can recover and maintain my website ranking. I am Very Thankful to you all of us.(Website:

  18. Sikander – your question is far too vague to address here. I encourage you to review Matt Cutts’ video and email me privately if you need professional help correcting your problems.

  19. It is really painful when I saw that my keyword rank dropped from 1 to 19 from SERP. Though I have no spammy link and bad quality content. But recenlly I find out that some of competitor creating slammy link for my site and republishing content of my site. Is there any way to protect them?

    • Hi, Mohammed. It’s awful tough to give meaningful advice on such sketchy details. If someone is republishing your content, you can ask them to stop and remove your content. Failing that you might he an attorney to help. You may also be able to report them to Google , at least if they advertise with Google AdWords. As for spammy links, you’ll need to try and identify them and request they be removed. Failing that, there’s always the Google Disavow tool.

      • Dear Bill Treloar,

        Thanks for your Nice and helpful suggestion. I will always follow this. 🙂

        • Hi, Sumon. I’m glad you found my suggestions helpful. Let us know: Were you able to resolve the content scraping problem? Have your rankings returned?

  20. Surprising article. Didn’t knew about it. But I guess this is more of a configuration problem. As like said in shared links, If one goes with Custom SSL certificate and Private IP, rankings do come back. Have this been tested??

  21. I’ve not tested that personally.

  22. Dear Bill Treloar,

    Treloar, wow very nice post, Thanks for your Nice and helpful suggestion.

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