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Why Links Matter

Rae Hoffman, an SEO consultant whose company is called Sugarrae, has written a pretty good introduction to the importance of links, oriented to small business owners who might decide to try and build their link popularity themselves. If you’re considering doing that, her blog entry should help you understand the basics. She wrote:

A while back I did a post on what I considered to be the very basics of local small business website marketing. Since it seems the basics were appreciated, I decided to do a post on another basic I’m questioned about a lot … why a site needs links to rank (oh, I’m dead serious).

This post isn’t aimed at professional webmasters or search marketers. This is aimed at the person new to search engine optimization that needs a basic understanding of why they need to develop links, though professionals may find it useful for the new link developer or search marketing trainee.

It’s derived from a presentation I did to small business owners last year and I thought others may find it useful. I’m a strong believer that link developers need to know why they are developing links to be successful.

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