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Why SEO Is Not Enough

We’ve written in the past about how a powerful SEO campaign is not sufficient to boost your sales and profitability. We broached the subject three years ago, but there’s more to say at this point. Too many people think that if they just do a good job of optimizing their site for prominent search visibility, the battle’s won.

Not true.

Years ago many small businesses suffered from the Field of Dreams delusion: “If you build it (a website) they will come (customers)”. It was a rude awakening when they discovered a great website can still be invisible on the web. Clearly, they needed search engine optimization so people searching for what they sold, whether a product or a service, could find them easily.

Improving sales graphAlas, driving lots of visitors to your website isn’t enough either. The web site has to close the deal and make the sale. That’s an entirely different process from SEO. It doesn’t help your bottom line if SEO gets you great rankings in the search engines and those rankings drive lots of visitors to your site who don’t become customers. If your visitors can’t find what they want to buy, all the preceding effort to design a website and optimize it is thrown away. If the website is confusing, if it reads awkwardly, if it has spelling or grammatical errors that make people think you don’t pay attention to details, or even if the website doesn’t have an effective progression from entering the site to closing the sale  — any of those problems can render all the other work on the website useless.

A good article by the folks at Level343 says

To be blunt: SEO alone will not sell your product. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 million visitors if no one wants to buy your custom-made banana peel high heels for $300. It can’t make your product look interesting. It can’t make your prices worth paying. It can’t make the shipping costs look attractive, your services needed or your site usable.

As a bottom line to their article, they said it well.

SEO brings traffic; it does not, necessarily, bring sales. Creating content that is buyer-value focused does. Creating calls to action that really mean something (buy now just means spend money) brings sales. SEO brings traffic so the sales are possible.

You don’t have to join the businesses suffering from too much traffic and not enough sales. Adjust your focus to included value-added content!

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