Search engine optimization for small and very small businesses.


What They’re Saying About Rank Magic

Bill is extremely detailed oriented and knowledgeable about all things SEO. Working with him and his company was a great experience and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to rank better in organic search results.

Chris Cimala
Jersey Shore Computing

Rank Magic has really helped with my website exposure in search engines. Bill takes the time to explain things that I may not understand and gives me suggestions on how to make my website better and more customer friendly. I have seen an increase in traffic over the past few years which is a great feeling.

Chris Tekirian
CMT Sound Systems

I use Bill for my SEO work. He has always been very responsive and my results are outstanding.

John Callinan
Law Offiecs of John W Callinan

Starting using Rank Magic over a year or so ago and my website traffic has improved drastically, our new patient count per month is up considerably, our site went from invisible to #s 1 and 2 each month for our services and practice. Bill is a genius and I cant recommend him highly enough.

Devon Berry, DMD
The Art of Dentistry & Spa

Had a client call yesterday who was frustrated with another agent in the area; seemed inattentive and wasn’t willing to help. She located three other agents within 20 miles. Interestingly, I was the furthest away, however, I had the best reviews online, so she chose to contact our agency and do business with us! Am so grateful for your constant reminders about getting great reviews and high rankings. It works!!!

Teri DiGrande
Teri DiGrande, Insurance Agent

Bill is great at explaining things to this tech novice, and making appropriate suggestions to meet my needs. Very reliable – will always call and email me back!

Sally Smith
Airborne Animals

Bill and his team are always on target and doing a great job. Promptness and accuracy are great.

Doug Simon
Mobility Elevator & Lift Co.

Honest & trustworthy, Rank Magic stands out in the crowd of SEO companies. They deliver excellent results and are a pleasure to work with!

Valerie Blau
TAG Online

Bill has done a great & professional job for me.I have remained on the first page of Google keyword searches for many years now.

A. Donald Angeletti, MD

Bill Treloar is an outstanding web professional. His work is of the highest quality. He responds immediately to all requests. On a personal note, Bill is reliable, dependable and easy to work with. He is an outstanding web professional. He originally designed my Small Business Professor site and I have received many compliments. Thanks to Bill and Rank Magic, my traffic has definitely improved.

Bruce Freeman
Proline Communications

Bill drove my presence on the web to the top of the list. He monitors links and keyword status which maintains the strength of my web site in an ever changing landscape. I wouldn’t change anything on my website without consulting Bill first!

John O’Connor
Shade Tree Garage

Bill Treloar of Rank Magic is the consummate professional. In the digital world, where new trends emerge daily, Bill keeps abreast of it all. He is easy to work with, and you can always feel confident when you get Rank Magic in with your client.

Regina Sherman
Pelham Business Advisors

Bill is extremely knowledgeable about all things SEO and his services have increased not only my business from the web but also that of several other business owners I know.

Cathy Coloff
IT Radix

Bill at Rank Magic is quality and skills personified. I have recommended him to numerous clients and they make a point of telling me what fantastic job he has done and continues to do for them. He is skilled and he cares. It can’t get much better than that.

I just left my client and he just couldn’t stop talking about how good a job you did for him and what a terrific service you provide.  just want to thank you for making me look good.

Arnie Rintzler
AWR Business Concepts

Thank you, Bill, for providing a wonderful starting point in the optimization of our website. Your knowledge and understanding is excellent and I appreciate the foundation you constructed. Your monthly reminders and SEO Monitoring is a valuable tool. As I continually and consistently expand our website I keep in mind everything you preach! You are a pro!

Bonnie Bornstein Fertel
Bornstein Sons, Inc.

You have been responsive, and willing to help with any problem, providing important assistance at all times, both before, and long after, completion of your SEO. There has been an immediate and significant improvement in my search engine rankings, with many of my keywords resulting in appearance of my website on the first page. This has translated into a substantial increase in income. You are a consummate professional in a field where there are, unfortunately, too many pseudo experts who often charge excessive fees for sloppy service and poor results.

A. Donald Angeletti, MD
Dr. Angeletti

I continue to be extremely pleased with all your services, as I rank very high in our keywords, most times in the top 5.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for your clients, I’d be happy to share my positive experiences.

Bruce Cebula
Extended Stay Homes

Just thought you should know that folks are showing up to our Monday Night Alive! seminars and saying they typed something in on the web and found us! Keep up the great work! We appreciate it.

Ariel & Shya Kane
Transformation Made Easy

I’d like to share that Bill Treloar is a genius when it comes to optimization. He provided a plan for the Crystal Plaza that was spot on! I highly recommend all his services!

Jayne Bierman
The Crystal Plaza

Two years ago my business and my homemade website was invisible on the web. Bill Treloar waved his magic wand and produced the perfect roadmap that has lead to a much more professional representation of my company and the phone has not stopped ringing since. I have now achieved first page and frequently first place rankings in many categories that never knew I existed. I am sure Bill smiles himself to sleep each night knowing that he has been instrumental in helping his clients achieve the American dream.

Gregg Frank, Co-Owner
Back Home Safely

Bill Treloar and Rank Magic helped us move our website to the front of the pack. He is very knowledgeable and educated us in the process.

Tom Keoughan, President

Because of Rank Magic, our website has attained a highly visible position in search engine rankings in multiple competitive categories. Our new patient volume has significantly increased because of Rank Magic’s continuing efforts. We highly recommend Rank Magic if you are seeking a thorough, affordable SEO solution.

Elias Aliprandis, MD
Ophthalmology Associates of Bay Ridge

When I started up my practice as a civil wedding officiant, I needed a web site that would attract traffic…customers! Bill guided me through the process, helped me make good decisions about the budget I had, and has kept me informed about running a web-based business ever since. With his search engine optimization expertise, I’ve had enough clients find me on the internet for the last four years to meet my business goals!

Julie Laudicina
Julie Laudicina, Celebrant

In just over two years, we have gone from no web site at all to a number two rankings in Google for our key phrase “New Jersey Elder Law Attorneys”. With your assistance, we recently added a “fee free” request form on the Web site and the response was immediate and produced several new clients from that web site posting.

As cost conscious attorneys for cost conscious seniors, I can state that the Web site and your optimization of it has paid for itself with additional clients. As I previously advised, we have all but eliminated our Yellow Page advertising since the number of Web site responses versus Yellow Pages is easily 5 to 1.

We thank Rank Magic for the terrific job you have done to date.

Donald M. McHugh, Esq.
Vincent Macri, Esq.
McHugh and Macri

[Note that this review is from 2006 when The Yellow Pages was still a thing.]

Bill [at Rank Magic] has been the BEST investment for increasing my qualified sales leads for new business. Web optimization has gotten me listed on the top 2 pages for my products (sometimes #1). I definitely recommend him and what he does. At first I was skeptical, however I’m now a believer.

Doug Simon, owner
Mobility Elevator & Lift Co.

Once Rank Magic optimized my web site, my business really started to grow. I’m getting more and more emails from the web site every month. And even more people skip the email and just call me on the phone while they’re looking at my web site. My great rankings in the search engines are responsible for my business growing. Thanks!

John Emmons
American Bath Resurfacing

I thought I’d let you know that I had a client who found me on the Internet (Google) on Saturday and booked an appointment for a makeup consultation today. She said I came up first and there really wasn’t anyone else! Yay!

The following was received a couple of years later.

I just returned from an image consultants conference and one of the presenters was doing a program on websites. When he got to the section on website optimization he said, “Not everyone can be Ginger. Her website comes up on page 1!” That felt good.

[The following arrived a couple of years later]

I have worked with Bill at Rank Magic for years. When people would ask me how I stayed at the top of the search engines I said it’s because Bill is my SEO guy!

Ginger Burr
Total Image Consultants

Now, I’m like a star on Google. My business has increased tremendously. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your clients, I’d be happy to share my positive experiences.

Bruce Cebula
Extended Stay Homes

As a result of our website being on the first page of a search we’ve been booked for a month in advance! Search engine optimization has greatly improved our business and continues to do so. You’ve been very thorough with the information you provide and with follow-ups. Thanks to you business is booming!

[The following was received a year later, with no additional SEO work being done.]

Everything is going great with the business! We rank #1 with all of our keywords. In February we had around 1,200 visitors.

Keith Randall
Randall Wood Floors