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Reporting Your Web Site Ranking

What Do We Report?

woman-graphRank Magic provides detailed reporting of your web site ranking in the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, which handle about 95% of all searches in the US. The reporting shows a number of things:

  • Overall Visibility Statistics such as
    • #1 rankings
    • rankings on the first, send & third pages of search engines
    • overall trend of your rankings over time
    • and much more
  • For each of your keywords we show
    • the current rank of that keyword in each search engine
    • the page or pages of your web site that appear in the results for that keyword
    • how many positions the keyword has climbed or dropped since the previous report
    • the ranking trend of the keyword over time
    • how your ranking for each keyword compares with your top competitors

All of this is available to you securely online at any time.

When Does Rank Magic Report On Your Keyword Status?

Once the keyword identification, prioritization and selection process has been completed and you’ve selected the essential keywords for your web site, Rank Magic provides a report of your initial search engine rankings. These are your search engine rankings before any changes have been made to your web site, and they act as a baseline. The only difference between the format of this report and all of the others is that there are no prior results to compare with on this report so there are no trend lines in any of the graphs.

first-yearThereafter, your online report is updated monthly, and  we send you a reminder each time usually along with a brief outline of the most important changes since the previous report. This typically continues for the first twelve months of your SEO project.

While search engine rankings are often persistent over many months or years, they can be subject to change. The algorithms used by the search engines to rank web sites change all the time. And new competitors may emerge that also can affect your positioning. As a result, we recommend that you keep an eye on your hard won web site rankings with a monitoring program that continues these monthly online Keyword Status Reports.

Website Traffic

Of course the reason we care about rankings is that they drive visitors to your website. We can review your Google Analytics and report to you monthly about your website traffic, too. That’s the bottom line proof that your SEO is really sending more potential customers to your website.

Contact Rank Magic today to get get great search engine rankings! Better web site ranking will result in more business from your web site!

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