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Now You Can Help Rate Search Engine Relevance

What makes one search engine better than another? Its ability to give us the most relevant results quickly. Now, a new meta-search engine has been designed to give us all the ability to rate the relevancy of the big four search engines.

Internet firm RustyBrick decided to build a white-labeled search engine that pulled results randomly from one of the major four search engines. Here’s their original proposal in the Search Engine Roundtable.

Basically, you do a search on RustySearch and then visit the top ten sites that come up. They will be from the top four search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask Jeeves, but you won’t know which results came from which search engines. As you visit each site, you’ll be able to rank how well it relates to your intent for the search. Full instructions are here.

Have fun! And after you’ve done a few searches, you might want to see how the results are coming along. The official results are due on or about June 1, but preliminary results can be seen here.


Yahoo seems to be edging out Google at the moment.

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  1. nice to read this. Very informative post. Its true that all the search engines are good in their own. But google is the more famous.

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