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Is Your Site a Billboard in the Woods? Conduct A Simple Test

Is Your Website Like a Billboard in the Woods?

It’s easy to find out: just take our little test. It should only take you a couple of minutes to learn whether potential new customers can find your site.

Think like a customer

Think like a customer who wants your most important or most profitable product or service but doesn’t know the name of your business. Go into any of the major search engines and try to look up your own web site just like that customer would.

  • Does your web site show up in the first 30 listings?
  • Is it in the first 3 pages of results?

If not, customers aren’t finding you. People don’t have the patience to scroll through page after page of listings to find your business.

For potential customers to find your site, you need to get it into the top two or three pages in the top search engines for most of your important keywords. And the way to do that is with search engine optimization (SEO).

Rank Magic is an SEO company that’s an expert in exactly that.

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