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Top 100 Alternative Search Engines

From Read/WriteWeb comes a listing by Charles Knight of 100 search engines that he believes are better than Google in at least one respect. Many are specialty search engines, like video searches, blog searches, and so forth. You’re bound to find at least oine that intrigues you.

Criteria for inclusion in Top 100

Firstly, let’s explain how we developed the list. When we say “The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines,” we are referring to alternatives to Google. Many readers wrote in to ask what the criteria was for inclusion on the List, such as: is it the percentage of market share, or some other statistical measure? It is not. The criteria is twofold:

1) the Search Engine should exhibit superiority to Google – not as a whole, but in just one particular area. People have been talking about Wikipedia’s search engine Wikiasari or even Digg as potential “Google killers”. That’s fine, but we are not arguing that any one of the 100 list members is a “Google killer”. Rather, that they should be matched against the appropriate corresponding part of Google. For example, TheFind is a shopping search engine and therefore should be compared to Google’s shopping search engine, Froogle. Blinkx, a video search engine, should be matched against Google’s video search feature, and so forth. (See article #1 for a fuller explanation of these categories.)

2) Secondly, what ultimately gets a particular search engine into the Top 100 (as opposed to the hundreds and hundreds of “also rans”) is my evaluation. It is a subjective, personal judgment from an SEO – not an independent, statistical measure. I liken it to a movie critic, who must be ready to defend his/her ratings, but the reader is by no means obligated to agree with them after having seen the movie.

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Update August, 2016: Regrettably, the original article this linked to is no longer there. I guess it’s inevitable that some of the external websites our blog has referred to have undergone revisions and pruning in the nine years since this post was written.  In this case, most of those 100 alternate search engines are probably gone the way of the Dodo anyway. You may, however, have some luck with a Google search for niche search engines.

  1. where is Top 100 Alternative Search Engines?

    • I’m sorry, Ghulam, but it looks like the source article is no longer there. This post is nine years old, and I guess it’s inevitable that some external websites have undergone revisions and pruning since then. Let me suggest you do a Google search for the phrase “niche search engines”; I think you may find what you’re looking for there.

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