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Top Search Engines in Europe

At last week’s search Engine Strategies Conference in London, Tim Roe, head of Data Analytics at Nielsen//NetRatings, showed that search is growing quicker than Internet penetration in Europe. While the number of Internet users in Europe has grown 4% from April 2004 to  April 2005, the number of search users has grown 11% over the same period.

Then Roe demonstrated how Google and MSN dominate Europe. Google ranks #1 in the five biggest markets: Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Spain. MSN ranks #2 in all of these countries, except in France, where it ranks #3. Yahoo! ranks #3 in the UK and Spain; #4 in Germany and France; and #5 in Italy.

Rank Germany (29%) UK (23%) France (18%) Italy (16%) Spain (8%)
1 Google Google Google Google Google
3 AOL Yahoo! MSN Virgilio Yahoo!
4 Yahoo! Ask Jeeves Yahoo! Libero Wanadoo
5 T-Online AOL AOL Yahoo! Buscador

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings home and work data (DE, UK, FR, IT) and home data (ES), April 2005

Despite Google and MSN’s dominant position in Europe’s biggest markets, one of the top stories from last week’s Search Engine Strategies conference Yahoo! has a significantly higher percentage of heavy searchers. If your market includes Europe, Rank Magic can submit your optimized pages to all of these search engines.

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