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25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Kill Your Online Visibility

Good SEO practices …

can help customers find your website easily because they help you show up prominently when customers search for what you do or what you sell. Failure to apply these best practices obviously doesn’t help you show up in Google, Yahoo & Bing. There are also quite a few things that small businesses actively do on their websites that hurt search rankings.

Bad SEO practices …

Some of these mistakes may be due to some persistent SEO myths that people still believe. But most of the time these mistakes happen by accident. Here’s a handy list of 25+ SEO mistakes you should avoid. If they’re not obvious or clear to you, please ask questions in the comments below … or call us.

common SEO mistakesThanks to the folks at for this helpful infographic.

If you suffer from any of the mistakes above, Rank Magic can fix that!

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