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4 Important Advantages Hidden In Your Blog

Why We Recommend Having a Blog

We’ve been recommending our clients maintain a blog for some time now. From a strictly SEO perspective, there are many ways to leverage regular blog posts for increased visibility and link popularity on the web and via social media.

But there are other advantages to having a blog as well.

  • Hidden Value of a BlogA blog brings out your humanity. For whatever reason, when we write a blog, we write more personally than when we write a web page. Our personality and our passions shine in our blog posts. That makes us more approachable and more attractive to do business with.
  • Blog posts very often focus on the customer and not our business. We want to address their problems, even if only to convince them that we have the solution. Focusing on their issues helps us relate to our customers and helps them relate to us.
  • Blog posts often tell a story. Story telling has a long tradition in the human condition for illustrating how experiences of others may be relevant to our own lives. It’s an extremely effective marketing technique.
  • Blogs help you to listen and shows your customer base that you listen and are responsive. Once your blog becomes popular, customers and potential customers will comment or ask questions. That forces you to respond to their concerns, and as you do that you show why they should deal with you rather than some less personal company.

Tangible and Intangible Benefits

The benefit of helping to generate better link popularity is a pretty tangible benefit of maintaining an active blog. But this list of intangible benefits has the potential to be equally important to your business.

If you need guidance in setting up a blog or help in promoting your blog posts for increased visibility, Rank Magic can help.

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