Search engine optimization for small and very small businesses.

75 Techniques for Small Business SEO

So much to know and do for small business SEO!

Our readership closely reflects our target market: small and very small businesses. While most of our readers hire us or someone else to manage their SEO and online visibility, a few choose to do it themselves. They often find the subject daunting.

This may help

Whether you want to try to do it yourself or just want to better understand the things we and other SEO companies may be doing for you, we hope you find this infographic helpful and informative.

SEO checklist: an infographic for small businesses.

[Thanks to Nirav Dave for all the work that went into this. He is the co-founder of Capsicum Mediaworks, a digital marketing agency based out of Mumbai, India, that specializes in all things WordPress & SEO. For some elaboration on the points above, Nirav has explanations beneath the infographic on his website.]

There’s a lot here. If you find yourself overwhelmed trying to implement these techniques for your own website, Rank Magic can help.

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