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Create Link Bait for a Plain Vanilla Business

Helpful information can be effective link bait.Surely your business isn’t really “plain vanilla”. But you may have a business with lots of competitors who all do much the same thing. Such are businesses like car repair shops, business coaches, web designers, florists, and so forth.

If you want the search engines to recognize that your business and web site are worthy of a prominent in their search results, you can’t just have your web site list what you do. That’s not enough to set yourself apart from your competitors. You need some compelling information to encourage other businesses in your niche to link to you.

Articles or White Papers that explain things or provide How-To information are great for setting your web site apart from your competitors. And they make your web site a more valuable resource to your visitors. To the extent that can figure out what web site provides more value, the search engines will rewards that with higher ranking.

What kind of articles work? Things like these:

  • How to tell a good house painter from a bad one
  • 6 Ways to tell you need a business coach
  • What to ask a web site designer before you decide to hire them
  • Your Old Appliance: Repair or Replace?
  • 5 Secrets to choosing a high end caterer
  • Why all florists are not alike

Beyond providing value to your visitors and having the search engines realize that, these articles can help your link popularity. That’s important, as it’s believed that your link popularity accounts for about 40% of where you rank in Google.

These articles may prompt other similar (but non-competing) businesses to provide links to your material. They’re sometimes referred to as “link bait” – helpful information others will want visitors on their own sites to know about. If they like what you’ve written, they may link to your article. Otherwise they may have little or no reason to link to you.

If you’re not sure you can write compelling articles like these, ask us how a copywriter can help. We’re not copywriters, but we work with several and can make recommendations for you.

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