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Do Links From Blog Posts Help Your Link Popularity?

Blog posts are really just web pages,

so a link to your site from a blog post counts just like any other link. But there are a couple of considerations to bear in mind in terms of how beneficial the blog links will be for you.

  • If the link is coded as a “nofollow” link it won’t give you any link juice.
  • Other than that, the value of the link is a function of three things:
      • The PageRank of the blog post linking to you (higher is better)
      • The number of outbound links on that blog post (lower is better)
      • Whether the blog post is on your domain or not (being on another domain adds weight to the link)

How about links from your own blog?

If you’re concerned about links from your own blog posts, let’s discuss that last issue a bit. We always recommend that our clients host their blogs on their own websites rather than on another domain. That provides many opportunities for incoming links to their domain (and that’s a subject for another time). But does that mean links from a blog post to pages on your own website count less than if your blog was on another domain? Actually, yes. But don’t worry.

Links to your web pages from blog posts on your own domain may be less powerful than they would be if from another domain, but not enough to make up for the loss of link juice you’d suffer from hosting your blog on another domain. So don’t move your blog off your domain just so the links back are a tad more beneficial. Instead, syndicate your blog.


When you write a blog post, you can have it duplicated on blog aggregators, and the links to your web pages from those copies of your post will count as external inbound links. There are lots of these available to you  — as an example, see Business2Community or BlogEngage.

Done right, your blog can help your link popularity at the same time that it funnels potential customers into the marketing content on your website. That’s certainly a winning proposition.

For professional help with maximizing your blogging power, SEO for your website, or building link popularity, contact us at Rank Magic.

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