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Don’t Use Yahoo Site Builder

Don't use Yahoo Site BuilderOne factor we’ve seen that can hurt your rankings … and that almost no web site owner is aware of … is known by the tongue twister “canonicalization“. Relating to the problem of inadvertently having content on your site that’s seen by search engines as duplicate content, it can be fixed by three lines of code. We explain all that on our web site and in optimization recommendations we provide for our clients.

The disappointing news

Unfortunately, Yahoo Site Builder can’t let you implement those simple three lines of code. We ran into this on behalf of a client of ours this month. When I wrote Yahoo for assistance, this is the response I got.

We’re sorry, but the feature you are mentioning is not currently available through Yahoo! Web Hosting, and we do not have an estimated date as to when or if it will be available. However, we’ll pass your comments on to our Development team for further consideration. Since Yahoo! is a share hosting service, we currently do not offer access to .htacess files.

When I pressed them for more details, they were no more helpful.

Bill, as mentioned in the earlier, if you would like to redirect to this has to be done using .htaccess or using 301 redirect and currently Yahoo! do not support both the options, hence we’re sorry to inform you that there is no other option to redirect to, we apologize for any inconvenience.

If you’re looking into Yahoo Site Builder and would like to consider some alternatives, refer to our strategic partners who do excellent web design and hosting.

We have an update on this issue here.

If you’re using Yahoo Site Builder and don’t want to change, don’t despair. There are still plenty of tactics that can get you great rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

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  1. i liked the site i designed with it ok. i hate not being able to use the site i designed in sitebuilder with another host. is there a way to clean up the booby traps they inbed in my site so that i can run it on another host?

    • Sorry, Maurice, but as we described in a recent blog post ( SEOs tend not to be good web designers. I think your question is best asked of a web designer or web programmer. I understand your problem; it would be much easier to copy & paste to another web design tool than to start from scratch. I wish you luck in finding someone who can help.

  2. Maurice, thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer!

    I have a friend who wants to 301 individual Yahoo Sitebuilder website pages to pages on a new WordPress site. The domain is also changing, from to Is there a way to do this? Can I transfer the domain somewhere and create redirects with the domain host?


  3. Hi, Tripper,

    I rather suspect your attempts to set a 301 redirect may be complicated at Yahoo Site Builder. We have a client who use4s Yahoo Site Builder, for whom we tried to apply a 301 redirect from the non-www version of their domain to the www version. The word I got form tech support at Yahoo Site Builder was that they didn’t support that.

    That’s why I wrote this blog post in the first place. Sorry to pass along the bad news.

  4. Oh, how right you are Bill!
    I was an old guy when I started building websites in 2005 and at the time Sitebuilder made a lot of sense to a non-techie like me. By the time I caught on to this fraud my primary site contained 200+ pages and would require a major investment of time and money to re-locate.

    I recently talked to a Sitebuilder support person and she told me the software had not been updated for 7 years and they have no plans to do so in the future.

    My advice to newbies is don’t be afraid to learn something new and for God’s sake don’t be cheap. If you can’t figure it out for yourself, hire someone to do it for you.

  5. Can you recommend a relatively simple website program for a beginner? Thank you.

    • Hi, Nicole. I’ve heard some less than good reports about all of the “build-it-yourself-online” website tools. Perhaps the easiest to learn “real” website development tool is Expression Web by Microsoft, though even that has a non-insignificant learning curve. Judging by the sites I’ve seen created by non-professional web designers, it’s worth the money to hire a professional. Just my opinion — hope it helps.

  6. My wife & I are planning to launch a web site soon and planning to have a blog to drive customer to it. I have a few questions

    • Just contact us and ask. I’ll be happy to speak with you or correspond via email. Make sure your website is hosted at your own domain name for greatest benefit.

  7. I use SiteBuilder and Dreamweaver. Sitebuilder for the info side and Dreamweaver for the shop. I love Sitebuilder, however it has it’s hiccups, which is why I’m Googling right now.
    Any time I’ve had to deal with them to ask for assistance, they stay on the phone with me until it’s figured out.
    I’ve got no complaints, other than the occasion hiccup…and I think my site looks pretty darned good if I do say so myself. 🙂

    • Thanks for this, Jeanne. It’s nice to hear from someone who’s happy with Yahoo SiteBuilder.

    • And can you tell me where to call? my site freaks out each time I add another html code and half of the images disappear…sad 🙁

  8. I started my site in 2006 with YSB and it was OK for me, until I realized that people with Macs (and browsers associated with Mac, such as Firefox and Safari) experience majour lay-out issues on my site. The support desk confirm they can’t do and don’t plan to do anything about it. Now I have to transfer my contents to another site builder software, I have no idea how to do the whole thing, I am annoyed and upset. Looks like I am going to have to spend hours on this, no, days and weeks. Argh.

  9. yes its very difficult to move a site created using sitebuilder ,also its having only basic tools no social media plugins nothing yahoo should develop more on sitebuilder

  10. For some reason, and this has been the case for almost 2 weeks now, Sitebuilder is not publishing any of my updates. It goes through the normal procedure, and ‘confirms’ it has published, but when I go and check it, there are no changes made. I’ve tried contacting Yahoo over this at least 15 times and have heard sod all back. I’m becoming very frustrated with this as this site needs to be updated twice a week for my club members. Has anybody had this problems before and if so how was it rectified? If it can’t be sorted, can anybody recommend a site builder that I can use, that gives the same freedom (i.e. does not require you to use templates)?


  11. First I would like to thank you for the thread. I have had Site Builder for a long time and it’s been fine until Java went through a major upgrade. I recently saw my site on a smart phone for the first time and was appalled. I just tried to make some changes to my site and I’m locked out due to some Java issues. I don’t have a problem with Yahoo Hosting but I do need to migrate to a new website program. Does anyone know what I can use to download my current site and make those changes? I could use some help.

    • Sorry I don’t have an answer for you, Mark. Perhaps other readers will have some ideas. Good luck.

  12. how can i design my site without yahoo hosting because i see their features like their designs and templtes e.t.c very bad

    • I would encourage you to seek out a good web designer. Or check out some other do-it-yourself site building tools. I can’t recommend any off-hand, though.

  13. I started in 2005 using SiteBuilder for my small business clients because I could customize anything to look the way I wanted without having to stay up to date on the latest coding software. Now, I have many clients who want to make updates themselves (or at least have the ability to) and want a fresh, updated looking site. I have transferred most of my clients who started out with SiteBuilder to because they have such great SEO templates that can be fully customized and tons of Apps. Once I customized/build their site for them, it is easy for my clients to log in from their home page and make simple updates. In my opinion, a great DIY product.

  14. Sir, i am new to web site designing.At present I am trying to design a website in yahoo builder.Can you please advise me how to create a log in / password page for my visitors in the web site in yahoo builder? please answer

    • Hi, Harihar. I’m sorry but I can’t help you with this. I’ve never used Yahoo Site Builder and typically don’t recommend it. (Hence the blog post you’re commenting on.) There ought to be technical support at Yahoo available by phone, email or chat. That’s your best source of help. Good luck!

  15. Do you know if it’s possible to use a sitebuilder other then the one the server provides? Do I have to use Yahoo SiteBuilder if my server is hosted by Yahoo?

  16. Shawn, I’m really not sure about that. Your best bet is to check with Yahoo support.

  17. I’m not dare to use a Yahoo Site Builder. Thanks for post.

  18. Informative article. When I first started my website it was on Yahoo, but then I moved to Squarespace. I just moved to a new host and was looking for info on 301 redirects for some pages on the old site which are titled slightly differently on the new site. Spent half the day on hold and talking with Yahoo and none of the staff I spoke with knew anything about redirects. Doesn’t seem possible that there’s no way to do redirects

  19. I don’t understand why yahoo site builder doesn’t work!!??…..What’s happen?

    • Sorry I can’t help you, Jeff. I don’t use Yahoo Site Builder, and as you can see from this blog post I recommend that none of my clients do either. If it’s not working for you, my advice would be to have a professional web designer recreate your web site on another platform.

  20. Agree with you, Yahoo Site Builder only works on Yahoo Web Hosted sites. If you use any other host, you can’t use YSB.

  21. I have a website builder recommendation for the small business owners who would like to launch their website quick and easy 🙂 Hope it’s alright that I’m posting this here.

  22. I’m trying to get my website to be responsive on Yahoo web hosting but i’m not sure of the codes i need to use…I tried the responsive Meta viewport tag and then added some media queries but that didn’t work and it changed the color scheme etc. When i contacted Yahoo, they suggested DudaMobile. Does any have any suggestions on codes that i can add to my page (made in php and perl) to get to be responsive on mobiles?

    • Hi, Tonia. You probably need to ask a web designer about that. If you designed the site yourself you may not be working with one, though. I used Dudamibile a few years back; it was a pain to conifigure but it worked. Unfortunately, that’s not a true responsive solution. The problem you’re experience with Yahooo Site Builder is kinda why I wrote this blog post.

      If you’ve used a template, you might be able to switch to a responsive template. But failing that … Are there any webmasters follwing this who can offer some help to Tania?

      • Tonia , Bill , Yahoo has a new Websites products where you can “Easily create a beautiful, mobile friendly website. The editor is free to use. Once your site is ready you can buy a Websites plan to publish it. Here is the new Yahoo Websites –

        • Thanks, BJ. One of the reasons I was discouraging Yahoo Site Builder was the reported inability to redirect the www. version of a site to the root domain or vice versa (see above). Can you confirm that’s been fixed?

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