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Eight Typical SEO Mistakes … And What To Do Instead

There are quite a number of common mistakes people make when considering SEO for their websites. Here are eight to avoid, and what to do instead.

Mistake: Design and develop your web site without considering SEO.
Instead: Make sure your web site design is search engine friendly, so search engines can easily get to every significant page on your site. Avoid all-Flash sites, Flash navigation, frames, and graphical text. Do keyword analysis first, because often the keywords you find you need to target will influence the pages you need on your site. And they will certainly influence the content.

Mistake: Use the same Page Title tag on every page. And include your company name at the beginning of it.
Instead: Craft a unique Title tag for every page, using the most important keywords for the page in the Title tag. Use your company name only on your home page Title tag. If you must use it on other pages, place it at the end of the Title tags.

Mistake: Target general keywords that are extremely competitive because they get a lot of searches.
Instead: Target more focused keywords. It’s better to rank #4 for “adoption lawyer” than #50 for “lawyer”. In the end, the former will generate more traffic to your web site.

Mistake: Request links with your URL in the anchor text. (Anchor text is the text in the link itself that someone clicks on.) E.G.,
Instead: Use almost anything else as anchor text. E.G., Small business SEO company.

Mistake: When link building, request the same anchor text from all linking web sites.
Instead: Vary what the anchor text says to include your most important keywords.

Mistake: Request incoming links to your home page.
Instead: Request incoming links to all of the pages you’re optimizing. And make sure the anchor text contains at least one of the keywords for that page. E.G., Improve your link popularity. Consider offering anyone who might link to you a choice of what to use for anchor text.

Mistake: Expect fast results.
Instead: Understand that organic or natural SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a minimum of 2-3 months to see any results at all, and full realization can take a year or more.

Mistake: Optimize it and forget it.
Instead: Periodically check that people are still searching for your keywords frequently, and see if new keywords have become more popular. If so, adapt your SEO strategy accordingly. Also, check your rankings occasionally (annually, semi-annually, quarterly) so you’ll know if they start to slip. New, aggressive competition and search engine algorithm changes might result in your rankings dropping. If you don’t check, you can’t react to it. Check your site logs to make sure your traffic is steady or increasing. If it drops, you need to fix something.

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