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Is Your SEO Campaign Working For You?

After spending time and money on an SEO campaign, you need to know how it’s working for you. If you’re a client of ours, we can easily tell you how your rankings are doing in the search engines. But that’s only a small part of it. The real measure of SEO success is in whether you’re getting more customers and increased revenue.

You really need to track conversions: phone calls, information requests, and sales. Your SEO consultant typically can’t do that for you — you need to track that stuff yourself.

John O’Connor, owner of Shade Tree Garage in Morristown, NJ, a client of ours, maintains a yellow legal pad at his appointment desk. Every new caller gets added to a list on that pad, and they’re asked “How did you learn about us?”. That gives him a very clear idea of how his Yellow Pages ad is doing, how successful his newspaper advertising is, and how well his SEO campaign is doing.

By the way, John reports that he’s getting one new paying customer a day from his web site.

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