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Keyword Density According to Google

Google’s Matt Cutts recently addressed a question about what the ideal keyword density is. He refers to the diminishing return of repeated keyword usage and the danger of keyword stuffing which can earn you an over-optimization penalty.

Matt says it best, so take a look at the video.

Increasingly employing variations on a keyword phrase rather than strict repetitions of a verbatim phrase seem to work best.

  1. I love listening to anything from Matt Cutts! I have learned a whole bunch about SEO from his videos!!

  2. Dear Rankmagic,
    Thanks, on a related note, How to Find Keyword Density in an Article Content. Is there a software available to find Keyword density in various stages of the content. I am looking for a Software Utility to verify whether my articles are SEO friendly.

    Thanks in advance.
    BTW great blogpost

    • Keyword Density is not something you should perseverate on. Did you watch the Matt Cutts video? However, to answer your question I’m not aware of any such software — though I haven’t looked for any.

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