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Rat Out Your Competitor

[January 2015 update below]

Rat out your competitor.Jill Whalen, noted Boston SEO guru, is conducting an experiment to see if Google actually cares about how websites cheat to get to the top of their search results. Her guess is that they don’t, or they would have done something about it a long time ago.

You can participate in that experiment.If you have competitors who are beating you out in search engine results through spammy, deceptive, or unethical SEO practices, go to the website for Rat Out Your Competitor. Let them know what your competitor is doing, and they’ll look into it and report it directly to Google.

[Thanks to Dean Voss for pointing out in the comments below that is no longer what it once was. A better way currently is to report webspam directly to Google via their Webspam Reporting Tool.]

Have you had success with this? Please let us know in the comments.

  1. Bill, I know this post is dated a bit, but have you checked out ratoutyourcompetitor lately? You have good insight so thought you might want to update this post. Keep up the good work. – Dean at

  2. Dean — i apologize for mot responding directly to your suggestion at the time. I did update the post thanks to your suggestion.

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