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SEO Experts’ Favorite SEO Myths

SEO mythologyThere are a lot of misconceptions out there about what does and doesn’t work for search engine optimization. A recent poll of SEO experts revealed a bunch of them. All of the following are false.

  • Linking to external web sites dilutes your PageRank.
  • You only need keywords in the keyword tag.
  • IP address changes will hurt your rankings.
  • Use of the keyword meta tag will boost rankings.
  • Meta tags help rankings or are more important than visible text.
  • You just have to put all your keyword phrases in meta tags on your homepage.
  • I (or anyone) can guarantee a number 1 position for a particular keyword next week.
  • Submitting to (hundreds of!) search engines has any value.
  • That anyone can guarantee anything via SEO.
  • Google Adwords can help in search engine rankings.
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