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SEO Secrets Revealed! Or Not.

Secrets of SearchSEO Secrets

Many people I talk to are interested in learning some SEO secrets. Keyword density — link counts — meta tags — online reviews — blog comments — the list goes on and on. But the sad truth that no one seems to want to hear is that there are no SEO secrets. There’s no magic number of times to use a keyword on a page or in your meta tags.There’s no threshold number of inbound links that will guarantee you first page rankings.

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Despite the name of our company, SEO isn’t “magic”. In fact, when we work with a client they end up understanding their SEO. They know what’s being done and why. And the biggest “secret” I can offer is to stop worrying about what Google thinks and focus on what potential customers think when they’re on your website. Search engines want to display the best possible web pages to their searchers. If you make your pages the best possible pages, you’re a shoe-in for great rankings.

The folks at Brick Marketing wrote a nice article on this subject that I think you’ll enjoy.

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  1. This post did make me smile I think we are working from the same hymn book. I get so fed up of SEO companies that indicate that SEO is like a secret cult and only experts can do SEO. I think this is total rubbish, yes it’s hard work but if you are prepared to listen to the facts and put in the work you will see the results.

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