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Title Tag: Don’t Overlook This Critical Item

The title tag is one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings. The title tag is in the HTML code of each of your web pages, and it appears not on your web page anywhere, but in the title bar of your web browser: right next to the Internet Explorer logo or the Firefox logo at the very top left of your browser window.

Sometimes, just fixing the title tags of your pages can improve your rankings a lot. We see this especially in web sites developed by novices. If you’ve created your own web site, you may not have thought about the title tag. If that’s the case, your title tags may all be the same — saying something like “Home Page” or “New Page 1”. Title tags like that will only help you if you sell “home pages” or “new pages”.

You need to have your keywords in your title tags — different title tags for every page because you should have different target keywords for every page. You can include your company name on some or all of your title tags, but keep in mind that the search engiens only read the first 10-12 words or 60-80 characters, so if your page is focusing on critical keywords, make sure they’re within the first 60-80 characters of your title tag

The words in your title tags show up as the headline for your listing in the search engine results page (SERP), and changing them to be more appealing or informative to potential customers may result in more clickthroughs as well as higher rankings.

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