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10 Questions Before Hiring an SEO Consultant

Don’t outsource your search engine optimization without asking these 10 questions.

10 questions to ask a potential SEO consultant before hiring them.1. What Ranking guarantees do you provide?
If the answer is anything other than “none”, look elsewhere.

2. Are you going to make changes to my website?
Changes are essential, but you should retain control over your own site.

3. What is your approach to linking?
Be careful if the SEO consultant uses proprietary link programs and free-for-all link exchanges. Make sure you get frequent updates as well as competitive link research and analysis.

4. What reporting will I receive?
You should receive frequent reports on activity on your behalf and results achieved.

5. What does your pricing model include?
The firm should provide a clear description of deliverables and pricing up front.

6. Why is your own PageRank (or MozRank) so low?
(If it really is low, like 0-3). There may be valid reasons for that, but it helps to ask.

7. Who are some of your competitors?
If the firm isn’t a good fit for you, can they recommend someone else?

8. What are your qualifications?
Learning about the staff and their qualifications can reveal a lot.

9. Can you provide references and successful rankings?
Testimonials from clients are a great way to find out about your SEO consultant.

10. How much will the traffic results cost and when can I expect to see them?
Price alone can’t determine quality SEO work, but you need to know what to expect.

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