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Are There Really Safe Ways to Get High Search Engine Rankings?

If you want to get long-term results with your web site, you should use ethical search engine optimization methods*. Ethical search engine optimization takes more time but the results also last much longer.

Instead of trying to trick search engines, focus on building the content of your web site. Make sure that your web site is optimized for high search engine rankings and that related web sites link to your site.

At Rank Magic, we use only ethical search engine optimization methods and if you do your own SEO, we recommend that you do the same. Ethical SEO techniques produce lasting results and don’t offend search engines.

Search engines consider the following search engine optimization techniques as attempts to spam their results and can BAN your web site from their results if you use them. For that reason, we never use or recommend them:

  • automatically generated doorway pages
  • cloaking and false redirects
  • keyword stuffing
  • hidden text or hidden links
  • pages loaded with irrelevant words
  • duplicated content on multiple pages
  • misspelling of well-known web sites
  • unrelated and centralized link farms
  • other methods that try to trick search engines

You might get short term results with these techniques but it’s very likely that your site will be banned from search engines if you use any of them.

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