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Organized, Commercialized Click Fraud

Pay per click (PPC) advertisers on Google don’t just have their ads displayed on Google search results pages. Their ads also appear on many other web sites that have content related to the subject of the ad. For example, the Sports & Recreation page of East Hanover Online contains Google ads for summer camps and recreation centers. Whenever someone clicks on one of those ads, a portion of their per click rate is paid to the owner of East Hanover Online.

Now, India has spawned an innovative business called ad clicking fraud in which thousands of Indians are paid to click on a website’s Google ads in order to increase the website owner’s revenue from Google for each click. They offer 1,000 clicks per day in return for 50% of the money earned for those clicks.

A number of industry experts are concerned that if this fraud can’t be contained, it may  seriously jeopardize the future of PPC advertising, making high rankings in the natural listings even more important than they are today.

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