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The Most Common Reason for Dropped Rankings: Duplication

SEO consultants complain that they repeatedly have to explain that using duplicate content negatively affects search engine rankings. And rebuilding rankings after being penalized for duplicate content isn’t a quick and easy process. Ross Dunn, the founder and CEO of StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc. in Victoria, British Columbia has written an article for Site Pro News that covers the bases.

Some people register multiple domain names and have the same web site available at each of them. Well, there’s a  right way and a wrong way to do that, and sadly most people do it the wrong way. Others copy content from other web sites (sometimes even with copyright permission) but that may run afoul of search engine duplicate content filters, too. And some people have web sites created by “conetne management systems” that cater to a specific industry like real estate. Many web sites created by those folks will have identical calculators and even much of the same content as each other. How can you tell if that’s a problem for your web site? And what can you do about it? Ross’ article explains it all quite well.

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