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6 Copywriting Mistakes That Can Hurt Conversions

Craig Anderson, a copywriter at Cooper Murphy, a UK copywriting and content marketing agency, recently wrote about 6 common copywriting mistakes that can cause people to either leave your web page prematurely or simply not be motivated to buy your product or service.

  1. Failing to test long copy (don’t assume long copy is always bad)Well written content is essential for good SEO
  2. Using a page structure that turns people away prematurely
  3. Assuming mathematical literacy (this one surprised me)
  4. Trying to copy the look & feel of Twitter or Facebook
  5. Overlooking the power of the word “why”
  6. Forgetting to flip positive statements into negative ones


None of his suggestions (read his article here) are hard and fast rules, but the take-away message is to try them out and test the results.

Take Craig;s advice to heart and you may just improve your conversion rate.

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