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6 Online Mistakes That Make People Click Away

The Gong Show

Dierdre Rienzo at MarketItWrite asks:

The Gong ShowDo you remember “The Gong Show”?

Brave contestants would go on stage and display their talents (or lack thereof) in front of three judges. If the contestants made a mistake, or just didn’t impress… GONG. Game over.

The world of online business has a gong equivalent. It’s called your bounce rate, and it tracks how often prospects click away without bothering to learn more.

When prospects click away, it means your time is up. It means you won’t get any more chances to win them over with your products or services.

Your bounce rate is available from your site analytics (like Google Analytics) and if it’s too high, you’re losing business. As a benchmark, most of our clients have a bounce rate between 39% and 69%. Don’t get discouraged if you’re a bit high because typical bounce rates vary depending on the kind of business/website you own. If yo’d like to reduce your bounce rate, though, take a look at your web page content.

As a copywriter, Dierdre is particularly sensitive to copywriting errors that raise your bounce rate. In her article, she explains six online writing mistakes that you should avoid. Use her explanations to look at your web copy with a new perspective. How many of the errors she discusses have you made in the copy on your site? Go ahead and fix them now. It’s never too late. Why not do it now?

Once that’s done, if you’d like some professional help with your on-page keyword optimization, please get in touch with us.

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