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Avoid RankAttack

RankAttack is a new “black hat” search engine optimization tool that claims to get top search engine rankings quickly and with little or no effort. They claim:

“RankAttack Technology is one of the most aggressive SEO packages available. It does not use traditional technology nor does it follow the typical procedures outlined under standard SEO concept. RankAttack is different then anything you have ever seen. This technology is brand new and the engines are not ready for the effect it will have on the SEO industry. If you are actively seeking to compete for placement on the search engines — you need this program in your toolbox.”
[from their web site]

Ethical SEO practitioners will know just from the above that these techniques do not comply with search engine terms of service. That means if you use these techniques and the search engines catch on, woe is you!

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  1. Instead go and buy some sponsored links and guest posts..because that’s all in google terms of service is it?
    The Hypocrisy

    • Buying sponsored links and guest posts is fine so long as the links are NOFOLLOW links. Buying DOFOLLOW links is certainly a violation of Google’s terms of service.

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